2018 CFA Level 2 - 18 Week Wednesday Prep Course

****If you just wrote the Level 1 exam in December 2017, and have not decided to take the plunge into the June 2018 Level 2 course yet, join us for the first two classes, FREE! (based on available space)****

Email, virginia.smith@financialtalentexchange.com to confirm space availability.

2018 CFA Level 2 - 18 Week Wednesday Prep Course

This 18-week prep course combines core curriculum review with hands-on problem solving, perfect for candidates who require a study structure over the entire winter and spring study season. Generally, topics with higher weight are taught earlier in the course, allowing more time to practice, reflect, and master them before the exam. We will explore some winning techniques to answer Level II item sets as the Level II testing environment is a significant step up from Level 1.

Daren will be joined this year by guest instructors, trained in Daren's direct, concise teaching style, using tools created specifically for enhancing your learning experience.


As part of your course registration, you will receive exclusive access to the CFA Candidate Success Package© (CSP©) which includes a personality assessment that compares your exam attitude compared with the average CFA charterholder. The CSP also includes an hour of coaching with a CSP expert who will discuss your results and help personalize your exam prep study plan.

Class times: Wednesdays 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Prefer to attend class on the weekend? Check out the Saturday version of this course.

Depending on space availability, you can alternate between the weeknight and weekend classes so you don't miss out on any of the topics. Requests are to be made one week in advance of the required date to switch and admittance is not guaranteed as space is limited in each class.

Required materials: Please bring to class your official 2018 CFA curriculum, approved calculator, and prep notes if you have them.

Recommended but not required materials: Special rate for Wiley Efficient Learning products. Please email for the code once you have registered.

Location: Financial Talent Exchange classroom, 21st Floor, North Tower, Sun Life Plaza, 4th Ave

Outside of class: Keep in touch with your instructor and your classmates through a dedicated Private Facebook Group. You can post comments, ask questions, and share knowledge on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

Early-bird course fees: Register before November 30, 2017and save $200 with the early bird discounted price of $1,499 + GST. Click here to register and pay by credit card through PayPal.

Registrations received on or after December 01, 2017 will pay the regular course fee of $1,699 + GST. Click here to register and pay by credit card through PayPal. Please note that you do not need a PayPal account, just a credit card.

Maximum class size: 37 candidates

Course Schedule

***Note that Readings listed are subject to change

At Level 2, topics are arranged so that core concepts are covered earlier on. This gives candidates the ability to start reflecting and practicing the essentials early in their studies.

Section 1 – Core

Total Weight – 50%-80%

Objective: The objective of this section is to focus on the Core concepts. Since this section is so crucial and heavily weighted, it is best to get to it early, allowing sufficient time to practice and reflect on the most critical sections of the exams.

  • Week 1: Wednesday, Jan 17: Introduction
  • Week 2: Wednesday, Jan 24: Equity (R27 to R28)
  • Week 3: Wednesday, Jan 31: Equity (R29 to R30)
  • Week 4: Wednesday, Feb 7: Equity (R31 to R34)
  • Week 5: Wednesday, Feb 14: Fixed Income (R35 to R36)
  • Week 6: Wednesday, Feb 21: Fixed Income (R37 to R39)
  • Week 7: Wednesday, Feb 28: Ethics (R1 to R8)
  • Week 8: Wednesday, Mar 7: Financial Reporting and Analysis (R16)
  • Week 9: Wednesday, Mar 14: Financial Reporting and Analysis (R17)
  • Week 10: Wednesday, Mar 21: Financial Reporting and Analysis (R18 to R20)

Section 2 – Secondary

Total Weight – 10%-30%

Objective: The objective of this section is to focus on the second most crucial concepts in the Level 2 curriculum.

  • Week 11: Wednesday, Mar 28: Corporate Finance (R21 to R26)
  • Week 12: Wednesday, Apr 4: Derivatives (R40 to R42)

Section 3 – Satellite

Total Weight – 20%-40%

Objective: The objective of this section is to focus on the least crucial concepts in the Level 2 CFA curriculum.

  • Week 13: Wednesday, Apr 11: Economics (R13)
  • Week 14: Wednesday, Apr 18: Economics (R14 to R 15)
  • Week 15: Wednesday, Apr 25: Alternative Investments (R43 to R46)
  • Week 16: Wednesday, May 2: Quantitative Methods (R9 to R12)
  • Week 17: Wednesday, May 9: Portfolio Management (R47 to R49)
  • Week 18: Wednesday, May 16: Portfolio Management (R50 to R52) and wrap up with exam survival skills workshop for exam day.
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