2018 CFA Level 3 20-Week Virtual Class (Global Webcast)

Overview: Join one of the liveliest, straight-to-the-point CFA Level 3 courses in the entire prep market. Daren E. Miller, CFA, one of world's most experienced CFA Level 3 instructors, will demystify the core Level 3 curriculum. Daren is a former CFA Level 3 exam grader and has over 16 years of acclaimed global CFA training experience.

During this popular course, you will learn the time-saving power of scoring more points by writing fewer words. The sessions will prepare you for both the demanding morning "essay" portion of the exam as well as the afternoon item set format. You will have the opportunity to ask live questions at the end of class. Sessions will be recorded if you miss them, and you can chose from one of four different days, depending on what's most convenient for you. You can use whatever study materials you like as the discussions will reflect the official CFA curriculum.

The class will be broadcast on a reliable internet feed to minimize loss in case of temporarily reduced bandwidth.

Course fee:

Candidates inside Canada pay gst - $499 USD & gst please use this link

Candidates outside of Canada do not pay gst - $499 USD please use this link

Private Facebook Group: Keep in touch with Daren and your classmates through a dedicated Facebook Group. You can join the group for support, motivation, and encouragement as soon as you register!

Saturdays: 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. GMT

Dates and Topics (Reading Number)

  • Week 1: Jan 13 : IPS for Private Wealth Investors (R8)
  • Week 2: Jan 20 : Taxes and Estate Planning (R9 and R10)
  • Week 3: Jan 27 : Concentrated Single Assets and Risk Management for Individuals (R11 and R12)
  • Week 4: Feb 3 : Behavioral Finance (R5 to R7)
  • Week 5: Feb 10 : IPS for Institutional Investors: Pensions, Endowments, Foundations (R13)
  • Week 6: Feb 17 : IPS for Institutional Investors: Insurance Companies and Banks (R13)
  • Week 7: Feb 24 : Capital Market Expectations - Part I (R14)
  • Week 8: Mar 3 : Capital Market Expectations - Part II and Equity Market Valuation (R14 and R15)
  • Week 9: Mar 10 : Asset Allocation - Part I (R16 and R17)
  • Week 10: Mar 17 : Asset Allocation - Part II (R18 to R20)
  • Week 11: Mar 24 : Fixed Income - Part I (R21 and R22)
  • Week 12: Mar 31 : Fixed Income - Part I (R23 and R24)
  • Week 13: Apr 7 : Equities (R25)
  • Week 14: Apr 14 : Alternative Investments (R26)
  • Week 15: Apr 21 : Risk Management (R27) and Forwards and Futures (R28)
  • Week 16: Apr 28 : Options and Swaps (R29 and R30)
  • Week 17: May 5 : Trading and Rebalancing (R31and R32)
  • Week 18: May 12 : Performance Evaluation (R33)
  • Week 19: May 19 : Global Investment Performance Standards (R34)
  • Week 20: May 26 : Ethics (R1 to R4)